A Vision of PosadaLife

Connect With Your Target Audience.

What is Connect?

Connect is a cost effective, customizable framework for designing and launching your own professional App and interactive website. The Connect framework is designed to help promote and educate your customer base with content and information, specifically for the customer, designed by you.

How is it used?

Connect provides a cost effective way for designing and launching a unique App and website user experience for your clients, residents, the public or all of the above! You determine the content, text, functions and audience. Connect can be branded with your own identity, color scheme and logo to provide a customized market experience at a fraction of the cost of designing your own application. Just decide the look and functionality you wish, insert your content and you are ready to launch.

Where is it used?

The framework can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your unique business, whether you are working for a town, community agency or CCRC. The possible uses are as open as your imagination.

Town Sunnydale Sunnydale B

CCRC Evergreen Heights Evergreen Heights B

School Systems


Community Services

Service Agencies

Business Promotion

Product Marketing

Do I Own The Content?

Yes, by licensing just the framework, you own all of the content and any income generated from your product. You can design a revenue stream around your product, provide content at no cost or combine models that best fit your needs. Posada Life can assist you in determining the best models that fit your unique needs as part of the set up design process.

What Does It Cost?

Connect is designed to be a cost effective solution for developing uniquely branded App and web site platforms. Several levels of pricing are available, based on the design and functionality you desire.

How Do I Start?

Posada Life staff will work with you to find a solution that best fits your budget. For design and pricing information, Contact the Connect Staff at 520-648-4000 or email Getconnect@posadalife.org

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